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"Barbara is the attorney to see if you need to create your estate plan, put together a trust, write a will or have a probate to deal with. She is sincere and knowledgeable and will advise and help you with these matters. With many years of experience, she can handle all of your concerns."

"Barbara wants families to succeed with the estate and trust matters, and cares about doing the right thing. Her concern is unique from some of her competitors, who are more focused on getting agreements completed, but don't follow up and counsel people about what it is they have just created (e.g. wills, trusts, etc.)."

"I have always respected Barbara as a fair-minded, self-aware and independent thinker who gathers information, listens well and reflects carefully as she works through situations."

"Barbara is intuitive and thoughtful, and generous with her time and skills in service of others."

"Barbara is a person who people come to for advice when they are wrestling with a personal crisis. Consistently she will go the extra mile to make sure that she has done her best to address whatever issue she is dealing with."

"Her advice and support are highly regarded by persons in her profession, as well as in her personal life."

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Barbara L. Stagg
Attorney at Law
205 Keller Street
Suite 203
Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone: 707-238-4702
Fax: 707-792-2936
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